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Are You Looking to Start a Home Based Beauty Business?

Or do you just wish to make bath & beauty products for pleasure and personal use? No matter your desire, this course is something that you will certainly love.

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Maria Dale

Maria Dale is a certified aromatherapist, skin care consultant, avid homemade soap maker, formulations curator and beauty adviser with over 20 years experience.

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Learn How To Make & Profit From Some Of The Best Selling Bath & Beauty Products Around

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Products You'll Love

You’ll have direct access to recipes for some of my best-selling products. These recipes have been formulated by me, over the past 20 years. You can make these products, and sell them online, at arts& craft shows or even at local farmers markets!

Training & Tutorials

I provide action plans that takes you step-by-step through making and marketing your products, both online and off. These action plans were designed to help you learn how to market your new products, in a manner that is professional, ethical and fun!

FDA Regulations

You will learn the proper steps that you’ll need to take to ensure that you are following all FDA regulations that are applicable for your new business. Cosmetic labeling laws can be confusing, but here, I share some of the best resources that you can use to help ensure that your products are in compliance.

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Just A Few Of The Products

If you’re not wanting to start a business, then the projects provided also make wonderful gifts for your friends and loved ones. They also provide wonderful products that allows you to enjoy a nice night of pampered relaxation.

Tub Truffles

These delightful tub truffles are made using a blend of exotic butters and oils. They are very easy to make, yet leaves the skin feeling wonderfully soft and smooth.

Sea Salt
Spa Bars

Sea salt spa bars are loaded with delightful oils & sea salt to provide gentle exfoliation and healing benefits for the skin.

Many Different Formulations

One can take a simple basic product and turn it into a million different products by creating many wonderful different combinations of formulations.   

The course will show you exactly how to do this.  You will learn the basics of creating your very own unique formulas for your own personal recipes.  This will help you start on the path to creating your very own line of custom bath & beauty products!